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One of the first places Suzi and I visited together in Panama City was the Downtown Marina, and nearby we discovered a dumpster which seemed to be the focal point for a bunch of stray (feral) cats. At first they were reluctant to allow us to handle them, but over the weeks and months, they gradually relented. Eventually we got to know that we weren't the only ones feeding the cats, and that these cats are probably the best fed cats in Panama City.


Cat Town USA Furry newcomer Feeding frenzy at night The other Kittie Kennel Kittie Kennel

Argyll (female) REHOMED

Fall 2001 At night Stretching Beside the dumpster What are you looking at?

Boo (male) MISSING

At night With Ginger Sprawled out Peek-a-Boo Sewer-Boo

Boo 2 (female)

May 2002 Smokey fur color White nose Sewer Boo 2

Boo 3 (female)

Ginger (female) MISSING

Prowling Up a tree Falling On the way down Rusty like the fence

Hateful (male)

Close-up At night Distracted by milk Fighting Petting the beast It smells like milk Hey - I'm on telly! Sitting neatly At night, Apr 2002

Kashmir (male) MISSING

At night Striding On the boat White Sox A male! Nice markings Looking sly The Boss?

Majik (male) Drowned in the Bay

With Hateful Sleepy Stretching out On food patrol

Majik's Little Brother (male)

May 2002 You called? Washing himself (animated)

Merlin (female)

September 2004, the day after Hurricane Ivan hit Merlin, Tigger, MLB, Zeb and Boo 2 September 2002 At night Looking startled Taking a drink of water The newcomer

Newbie (male?)

Perl (female) MISSING

At night Sitting Pretty

Pig (female)

At night Smacking Smokey! Sitting neatly Licking the juice Mmmm! Food! Looking at the camera Licking her lips Ready for food Looking determined Early feeding

Sebastian (male)

At night Eating dry food Upsetting Pig Sniffing at Pig OK, pet me! With Suzi

Sid Vicious (male) Sept 2000 - Feb 2001

The little guy Eating while Suzi watches Badger-faced cat Trying to escape Stretching With Ginger Sitting tall

Smokey (female) REHOMED

At night Strange ears! Little Smokey Alert ears Being petted Looking fierce! Licking her lips Sprawled beside MLB Being nosey With Sid Sticking her tongue out In the shade Licking her nose Looking at Suzi's hand Watching Sebastian Staring Greeting MLB With Sid Eating A scruffy kitty

Tigger (female?)

Feeding Feeding at night

Top Cat (male) MISSING

A wise old cat Hiding out

Zeb (unknown gender)

With Merlin Spotty Cat

Zelda (female) MISSING

A serious look Aha - food!

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