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Super Chevy Show Huntsville Dragway, Alabama, USA, June 19, 2007

Movies - Jet Cars
Jessie Harris in her Queen of Diamonds Jet Dragster (near lane) against Paul Miller in the Blaze of Glory Jet Funny Car
Jessie Harris (3.58s) beats Paul Miller (3.89s)

Pictures - Jet Cars
Paul Miller's Danchuk Mfg sponsored "Blaze of Glory" Jet Funny Car
Front view
Side view

Movies - Wheelstander
Bob Hall 'King of the Wheelstanders' in the Airborne Express Astrovan
Bob Hall burnout and 6.5s rear wheel run

Movies - Nitro Coupes (check back soon for more of these)
Car 4004 and car 247 (burnouts)
Car 4004 and car 247 (run)
Car 215 (Tony Russell's LowMad) (burnout)
Car 215 (Tony Russell's LowMad) (solo run)
? and Buddy Farmer's 2003 Corvette (burnouts)
? and Buddy Farmer's 2003 Corvette (run)
Car 21 and Wayne Roberts' car 5798 (burnouts)
Car 21 (4.62s) and Wayne Roberts' car 5798 (4.48s) (run)
The Player (burnout)
The Player (4.20s) (staging / chutes)

Huntsville Dragway, Alabama, USA, July 3, 2006

Movies - General views
View from the far end of the track
Action from the far end of the track

Movies - Jet Cars at night
Mark Smith's Air Force 1 Jet dragster (near lane) and Fran Peppler's Rock N Roll Thunder Jet Funny Car (far lane)
First run (approx 9pm)
Second run (approx 10:30pm)

Pictures - Jet Cars
Air Force 1 in the pits
Rock N Roll Thunder - side view
Rock N Roll Thunder - front view
Rock N Roll Thunder - rear view
Suzi with Fran Peppler
Autographed picture of Rock N Roll Thunder
Flame show - severe flaming!
Flame show - a bit tamer
Flame show - after the fire
Flame show - smoking
Flame show - Air Force 1
Flame show - Rock N Roll Thunder
Ready to race

Movies - Pro Mods
First Session (Round 1 of TT):
Lee Adkins (159.40/4.51) and Toney Russell (4.09/174.35)
Jeff Balton and Jerry Rhodes burnouts
Sammy Brown and Ware (170.78/4.26)
Harrell PM200 (165.20/4.44) and Michael Reece (160.77/4.54)
Bil Clanton (173/4.15) and Watkins PM057 (5.79/82.60)
Gardner PX1790 (119/4.73) Bye
Second Session (Round 2 of TT):
Jerry Rhodes (170.71/4.21) and Sammy Brown (161/4.54)
Michael Reece (8.27/53.08) and Bil Clanton (174/4.12)
Ware PM1941 (170.20/4.22) and Lee Adkins (159.2/4.47)
Toney Russell (4.88/108.56) and Harrell PM200 (4.22/162.57)
Watkins PM057 (4.21/171.17) and Gardner PX1790 (4.48/161.58)
Jeff Balton (4.46/155.26) Bye
Third Session (Round 1 of Elim):
Rodes (4.18/173.28) defeats Ware (4.66/115.86)
Jeff Balton (4.41/171.89) and Bil Clanton (4.18/170.71)
Watkins PM057 (4.20/170.52) and Harrell PM200 (5.64/86.11)
Lee Adkins (4.52/156.36) and Toney Russell (4.07/179.14)
Fourth Session (Round 2 of Elim):
Watkins (7.18/62.64) defeated by Bil Clanton (4.15/172.35)
Toney Russell (4.82/107.4)
Jeff Balton defeated by Harrell PM200
Sammy Brown

(Clanton went on to beat Russell in Round 3 of Elim)

Pictures - Pro Mods

Emerald Coast Dragway, Florida, USA, March 7, 2004

Movies - Outlaw Pro Mods
2nd Round - Rosenstiel 4.14 (red light) and Neal 8.77
2nd Round - Neal 4.04 and Clanton 4.09

3rd Round - Neal and Lynam burnouts
3rd Round - Neal 4.10 and Lynam 4.01
3rd Round - Scruggs and Neal burnouts
3rd Round - Scruggs 3.97 and Neal 4.09

Final - Scruggs and Lynam burnouts
Final - Scruggs 3.95 (183.74mph) and Lynam aborted

Movies - 16 year old Ashley Kowalski in T/D 2490
Ashley's first full run - who needs a chute to stop?
Ashley's second run - another 4.07 sec run

Pictures - Various
Ashley Kowalski
Jason Scruggs
John Lynam
John Lynam
John Lynam
Jeff Reeves
Rodney Rosenstiel
Mike Neal

Emerald Coast Dragway, Florida, USA, June 2002

Movies - Outlaw Pro Mods
PM15 and PM 399 (1.8 Mb MPG)
R.E.Smith and PM1790 (1.8 Mb MPG)
PM4 Rodney Rosenstiel and PM3 Shawn Davis (1.4 Mb MPG)
PM1 bye run (1.3 Mb MPG)
PM1064 Bil Clanton and ? (1.1 Mb MPG)
PM1036 Keith Baker bye run (1.5 Mb MPG)
? and R.E.Smith (1.8 Mb MPG)
PM399 and PM1064 (1.4 Mb MPG)
PM1790 and PM4 Rodney Rosenstiel (2.0 Mb MPG)
PM1 and PM1036 Keith Baker (1.7 Mb MPG)
Night time burnouts by PM15 Mike Neal (and PM4 Rodney Rosenstiel?) (1.8 Mb MPG)
Night time run PM1064 Bil Clanton and R.E.Smith (1.7 Mb MPG)
Night time burnout by PM15 Mike Neal (1.1 Mb MPG)
Final between PM1063 Johnny Pilcher and PM399 Perkins (2.1 Mb MPG)

Movies - Top Dragster
TD2490 Mike Kowalski burnout (1.6 Mb MPG)
TD2490 Mike Kowalski solo run (1.9 Mb MPG)

Outlaw Pro Mod Pictures
Keith Baker PM1036: 123
Johnny Pilcher PM1063: 123
Mike Neal PM15: 123 with Pilcher
Perkins PM399: 123
Others: Rodney RosenstielR.E.Smith

Other Pictures
Mike Kowalski TD249010171434497A TalloEC2477AT2653 Ole TimerAT2653 Ole Timer282C282C staging2927 Roof Masters Racing351 night burnoutThe OutlawThe Outlaw burnoutEC912 night burnoutSR1055 Country BoySR1055 'High Tech Redneck'Unknown white carUnknown burnoutUnknownThe gatesSleep disorder?Left lane standLooking down the strip at nightThe wife near race controlGoing for the starterHot ShotMighty MouseOne of the Pro ModsEC1035 Slow Ride stagingEC1035 Slow Ride night burnoutEC1035 Slow Ride racingEC1035 Slow Ride

Panama City, Florida, USA

Car and Truck Show 2002

Powerhouse Drag Strip, Florida, USA (now known as Breakaway Dragway)

Southern Outlaws (damaged image - won't load!)

Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, USA

400mph+ Jet Fire Truck at Gulf Coast Salute 2002 Airshow

NHRA action

Cruz Pedragon body popping (500kb wmv video)

Santa Pod Raceway, England

Cannonball 2000 Pictures
Hawaiian Tropic testingHawaiian Tropic crucial adjustmentsHawaiian Tropic revving hardDoug Bond testingDoug Bond looking thoughtfulDave Wilson steals the lead over Rob GuerainDave Wilson burnoutJohn Ellul burnoutJohn Ellul still smokingRob Turner leaves Doug Bond in troubleRob Turner burnoutRob Turner and the crewSteph Milam She Devil Racing burnoutSteph Milam She Devil RacingIan King burnoutIan King flyingSmax Smith at the start of a bumpy rideAlex Joon burnoutMicke Kagered in the lead againFireforce popping the afterburnerFireforce on a runFireforce picking up speedTog Praying for clear skies?Doing the 'camera on the gut' trickSmax abortsAlex Joon launchesMicke KageredAlex JoonShowtime launchesShowtime smokingGordon SmithDoug BondDave Wilson burnoutSteph Milam She Devil RacingRob Turner burnoutRob TurnerShockWave burnout burnoutShowtime burnoutShowtime stagingSmax Smith burnoutHawaiian Tropic burnoutTechno AG burnoutTechno AG launchingQuaker State burnout

Cannonball 2000 Sounds
Showtime and Shockwave duelling (sound),   Fire Force jet car (sound),   Micke Kagered burnout (sound)

Cannonball 2000 Movie
Rob Guerain blasts a crew member on the start line (900kB mpg),   Slow motion - Rob Guerain blasts a crew member on the start line (2.5MB wmv),  

Shakespeare County Raceway, England

Super Series 2000 Pictures
The Dealer top fuel burnoutFlavell WeldingTrying to keep in laneBike burnout

Super Series 2000 Sounds
Fire Storm jet car (sound)Ian King's Top Fuel bike @ 195mph (sound)

Super Series 2000 Movie
Roger Goring in the Fire Storm jet car (movie)

Music City Raceway, Tennessee, USA 2000

Just north of Nashville, Tennessee, USA
The t-shirtRace controlDrink driving?StagingCorvetteFunky truckStreet bikesBurnoutRacingNot a MustangDragsterWheels upNight bike

Pro Mod Movie
Night-time ProMod action with smokey burnouts

State Capitol Dragway, Louisiana, USA July 1999

Erwinville, near Baton Rouge
Thumbnail pictures

Memphis, Tennessee USA

Tony Schumacher's infamous incident
Slow motion showing the tail fin collapse, tire blow-out and crash (1.5Mb wmv movie)

Gulf Coast Salute Airshows, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida

Jet truck and Jet car action, and aircraft too
Various years, starting in 2001
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