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Our Cats

In October 2001, Suzi and I discovered a young kitten trapped in a tree near our apartment. After unsuccessfully trying to trace his owners, we decided to adopt him. Because of his black and white coloring I decided to name him Jack, in honor of Jack Daniel (think whiskey!).

He's a pretty calm cat, and likes to ride in the car. As a result, we've taken him on trips to the beach, and even to Tennessee a couple of times. However, Suzi decided that something was missing from Jack's life, so early in 2002 we decided to adopt another kitten to keep him company. Clarice was one of a bunch of wild cats that had been living in the roof space of a seafood restaurant in the St Andrews area, and had been temporarily re homed. Once we found she was available for adoption, we went to see her and immediately decided that she would fit in well with Jack.

For a few days we struggled to think of a name for her, but then Suzi said that she reminded her of Clarice (Rudolph's girlfriend in the reindeer cartoon). The name stuck, although sometimes it's more appropriate to think of Hannibal Lecter (and Clarice Starling), considering her sometimes wild nature.

Early 2004, Jack developed a condition where he is not able to digest solid food. He now has his own blender, and we make up batches of cat food smoothie for him, while Clarice has her solid food as normal.
Mid 2006 we moved from Florida to northern Alabama, and Jack and Clarice coped well with the change.

Jack still had his eating disorder which was growing steadily worse. He was otherwise healthy, and lived in southern middle Tennessee as an outdoor cat, until Jan 9th 2007, when he was found dead.

Clarice has become more settled as an only cat. She rules the roost, and tolerate outdoor visits from the neighborhood cats (Buster and Bob).

In July 2011, Suzi got tempted by a new born black and white kitten. A few weeks later, Clarice stopped being an only cat and was joined by Lola.

'Bubba' Jack the redneck cat

The Logo Feeding time What? Jack and Suzi Growl! White belly Outdoors Narrow eyes Washing The official portrait Redneck Beer-time Biting Suzi Posing by the tree First ever sight of rain April 2002 May 2002 In the car New Hairstyle Jack on the bedroom window ledge (AL)


With Suzi With Suzi With Suzi With Suzi With Suzi With Suzi Playing Playing With Jack Sleepy With Suzi and Jack With Jack With Jack 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 Intertwined Sat on Mark with Jack Clarice Down by the Marina Baby Milky mouth Burp! October 2004, lounging in the sunroom February 2005, lounging in the lounge June 2005, in the lounge (FL) July 2006, in the lounge (AL) March 2007, watching 'Sophie', who turned out to be Buster! April 2007, a possum at the outdoor cat feeder April 2007, watching me at the computer April 2007, 'Bob', Clarice's outdoor friend April 2007, 'Bob' wanting to come inside April 2007, 'Bob' with his food stockpile

Jack and Clarice

One is awake Both asleep Traveling back from TN Sleeping in the car Fighting Playing In her basket Suzi hunting for Jack The Capture Trying to escape Suzi and Jack Clarice on the doorstep Clarice climbing the curtains Descending
Sleeping... the closet Squidgy face Looking wild On the sofa Wide arms Playing with Suzi Curious October 2004, lounging in the sunroom October 2004, more lounging in the sunroom October 2004, even more lounging in the sunroom August 2006, now lounging in Alabama

Jack's friend 'Felix' (from 2001)

Rolling in the sun Oops - trodden in something? The official portrait Hello! Posing in the sun
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