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Suzi's family:

Suzi's Mum is Marguerite. Suzi's Dad Jim was married to Charlotte.

Suzi has two brothers (Michael and Stephen), and a sister (Barbie).
Michael is married to Gwen.
* Stephen was married to Teresa, and they have two daughters, Nicole and Erica.
Barbie has a daughter, Lauren (Chuck).

Suzi has three children, Heather, Anna and Buzz.
* Heather has three children, Alex, Tyler and Katie.
* Anna has four children, Shelby, Dylan, Kaylee and Chloe Elizabeth, who was born 1/1/2003.
Buzz is married to Robyn, and they have one son, Cameron, born 2:48pm May 30 2002, weighing 7.8lbs and measuring 19.5" long, and a daughter, Lilyana Angelique, born 1:01pm September 23 2005.

Suzi thru the years:

Age 1: SuziSuzi (formal) Suzi, Dad and Mum Suzi, cousin Mark Suzi, Mum and Dad Suzi, Mum and cousin Mark
Age 2: Suzi Suzi, Mum
Age 3:-
Age 4:-
Age 5:Suzi
Age 6:Suzi
Age 7:Suzi
Age 8:Suzi
Age 9:-
Age 10:Suzi
Age 11:Suzi With classmates
Age 12:-
Age 13:Suzi
Age 14:Suzi
Age 15:Suzi
Age 16:-
Age 17:-
Age 18:Suzi
Age 19:-
Age 20:Suzi with Anna
Age 21:-
Age 22:Suzi with Dad
Age 23:-
Age 24:-
Age 25:Suzi with Grandma, Buzz,
Barbie, Mum, and
Cheetah the dog
Age 26: Suzi Stephen, Suzi,
Barbie, Michael
Age 27:-
Age 28:-
Age 29:-
Age 30:SuziSuzi and HeatherSuzi, Anna, Barbie and HeatherJanice, Heather, Suzi, Barbie
Age 31:Suzi
Age 32:Suzi
Age 33:-
Age 34:-
Age 35:-
Age 36:-
Age 37:Suzi at
Age 38:-
Age 39:-
Age 40:-
Age 41:Suzi
Age 42:Suzi in Florida
Age 43:Suzi in Florida
Age 44:Suzi with her cat Jack
Age 45:Suzi on her old FL license
Age 46:-
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