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Tyndall Airshow index

Tyndall Airforce Base, Florida, USA 2001

Shockwave Jet Truck

Yes, it has done 376mph! On display Shiney Chrome Me and Shockwave Suzi and Shockwave Three jet engines Flameshow Flaming Heat haze Lots of smoke Firing on all 3 At speed Chutes out

Gulf Coast Salute 2001 Airshow Pictures

Cop car F-22 model Formation MiG-29 Fulcrum Formation flyby F-117 Stealth fighter Formation flying 8th Fighter Squadron T-shirt Me and F-117 Golden Knights MiG-17 Red Bull flyby MiG-17 Upside-down loop MiG-17 Sideways loop MiG-17 MiG-17 Flyby Chute assisted braking F-117 takeoff A-10 demo A-10 flying low F-15C steep takeoff F-15C sideways flyby 1 F-15C sideways flyby 2 F-15C sideways flyby 3 F-117 Stealth fighter F-117 Stealth fighter landing AWACS AWACS Boarding AWACS Inside AWACS Leaving AWACS AWACS signature silhouette
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