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Tyndall Airshow index

Tyndall Airforce Base, Florida, USA 2003

F-14 Tomcat (Saturday 22nd March)

Tomcat Rear view Touch and go

Dale Snodgrass (Saturday 22nd March)

On the side On the side again Flying low

Neal Darnell's Flash Fire Jet Funny Truck (Saturday 22nd March)

Flash Fire Flash Fire Flash Fire Flash Fire The T-shirt On the runway On the runway On the runway Starting the run Chris Smisson's SP-95 racing Flash Fire At speed Chute deployed SP-95 crashed Too late for the emergency crews to help Flash Fire run (2.9meg mpg movie) Flash Fire run (810k wmv movie)

USAF Thunderbirds (Sunday 23rd March)

Formation of four Close 4 5+1 (a pelican) Four again 4+2+1 (a seagull) Six Six again Peeling away
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